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What course delivery methods do we offer?

  1. Traditional in-person learning
  2. Blended learning – a mix of online and in-person
  3. Online learning

For a certification to be Alberta workplace approved, it must include in-person learning.  All of our First Aid, CPR and BLS certifications are Alberta workplace approved.  We are a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner and Accredited Trainer for Heart & Stroke™.

What is a blended learning course?

Blended Learning combines online learning and in-classroom training to offer a comprehensive experience. The course covers the same course curriculum and teaches the same skills as an instructor-led course, but divides the delivery of the course into two parts:

  1. Part 1: A self-directed, self-paced, online program: the Online Component
  2. Part 2: A classroom-based hands-on, skills session: the In-Classroom Component.

Participants must complete Part 1 (Online Component) before attending Part 2 (In-Classroom).

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