CPR helped N.B. curler with heart attack during match

A well-known curler from Saint John region is under recovery in a healthcare facility after suffering a medical emergency in the middle of a game. The incident occurred at the Traveler’s Provincial Curling Championship in Moncton.

Unexpected crisis

According to one teammate, Adib Saman, he threw his first rock, and everything appears fine. While going into the hack for the second shot, he suddenly fell over. The popular player, coach and organizer suffered a heart attack while on the ice.


Although it was a lucky ordeal with the presence of trained medical personnel, the incident stresses the importance of having AEDs on hand in public areas.

Everybody ran over where most believe he has a problem with his knee, but he was not getting up. We ran down to check on him and he was simply lying flat on the ice without movement.

Luckily, a doctor and nurse were registered in the tournament and on the ice at that time. According to Curl Moncton president Ellery Robichaud, they were fortunate there was a doctor and nurse who performed prompt first aid care and able to revive him before the paramedics took over.

CPR and AED go hand in hand

With the availability of the nearby defibrillator and timely delivery of CPR, the man became conscious and able to give a brief thumbs up to the crowd while he was taken to the healthcare facility leaving family, friends and teammates in shock but grateful.

Although it was a lucky ordeal with the presence of trained medical personnel, the incident stresses the importance of having AEDs on hand in public areas.

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